we believe:

There is value in hard work.

In finding a balance between busy and rest and passionately pursuing both.

That every failure is a learning opportunity.

We should step out of our comfort zone often.

Love what you do and be proud of your work.

That every day is a gift and sometimes the smallest of moments matter most.




I shocked even myself when I suggested to my husband that we move back to my little hometown and buy a farm. Oddly enough farming and Ohio was the one thing I was sure I would never be returning to once I left for college. I spent quite a few years trying to find my path, what my role was out there and nothing ever felt quite right. Slowly I realized how much I missed having my hands in the dirt and being outside in the sun. As someone who is filled with a bit of wanderlust, oddly enough I now feel perfectly content to call this my forever home. These days I find my heart is happiest as I work in the field, listen to the kids playing outside and enjoy the sunset at the end of a long, hard day outdoors. It truly is the littlest things that can make us the happiest....




Having never lived the small town farm life before, Pete embraced the opportunity to try something new. Secretly I am certain he had his doubts about this endeavor but nonetheless he jumped in willingly. He's the man behind the scenes that helps make it all happen. An engineer by day he spends his evenings and weekends helping design whatever is needed next to make the farm work. He is called on regularly as the fixer in chief, fabricator extraordinaire, designer/builder and countless other tasks. Slowly adapting to the country, I think he too is quite happy to call the farm home. 



ROnan, Lucca and Miller

The farm "helpers". These three can be found running around the farm at any given time helping out or perhaps just playing with each other. We are fine with either of those options as long as they're not getting in trouble! Ronan is the best assistant to any task you can find, he's always willing to lend a hand when needed. Lucca is our gardener in chief, always ready to "play" in the dirt. Miller is the machinery operator, whenever the tractor is needed Miller will be there.