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Cedar Hill

Cedar Hill Flower Farm is perched on a hilltop outside of Oxford, Ohio offering beautiful views of the surrounding area and unlimited sunsets. Our seasonal blooms are cultivated through sustainable and environmentally responsible practices...and, a genuine love of getting my hands in the dirt.

The desire to return to our midwestern roots inspired the purchase of 90 acres and fueled our dreams of making it a working farm once again, building our forever home, and raising our three children with an appreciation for the simpler lifestyle.

The distinctive heirloom, seasonal flowers we grow are all started from seed and cared for from beginning to bloom where they will ultimately be used in one of our unique designs.


"We Believe..."


There is value in hard work.


In finding a balance between busy and rest and passionately pursuing both.


That every day is a gift and sometimes the smallest of moments matter most.


That every failure is a learning opportunity.


We should step out of our comfort zone often.


Love what you do and be proud of your work.